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Where is the school located?

The school is located at Hardattpur, Mohansaria, NH-2, Varanasi-221011, U.P, India.

When is the registration going to start?

The registrations are now open for session 2023-24.

Which classes is the school running?

The school is running from Nursery to Class XII

What is the motto of the School ?

Higher, Stronger, Brighter

The School believes in strengthing the Mind, Body and Soul-hence the motto Higher, Stronger and Brighter.

Pledge of a Goenkan

'We solemnly affirm that we shall keep ourselves physically strong and mentally alert so that in doing our duty we may keep the honour of our school untarnished.

We would ever strive for honest dealing and clear thinking and always choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong. We will improve our fellowship with the students we represent, imbibing the values from our teachers and parents, in our endeavor to live up to the School motto'.

'Higher, Stronger, Brighter'

What are the documents to be submitted?

  • Attested copy of birth certificate.
  • For Class I upward, previous 3 years report cards.
  • For Class I upward, Transfer Certificate to be produced at the time of admission. In case of Inter state students, the Transfer Certificate. Should be counter signed by the education officer.
  • Visiting/Business Cards of parents.
  • Passport size photographs (3 of Students & 3 of Parents)
  • Aadhar of Parents & Students.
  • Medical Certificate
  • Single Parent: Death Certificate of Husband/Wife or Divorce Certificate

What is the teacher-child ratio in a class?

The teacher-child ratio in a class is about 1:12.

What curriculum does the school follow?

  • For Nursery till KG – Montessori based curriculum
  • For Class I upwards – As per the CBSE directive, the school follows the NCERT textbooks and curriculum.

What activities (indoor and outdoor) does the school offer?

Apart from academics, the school offers various indoor and outdoor activities for the complete development of the child.

Indoor activities – Indian Contemporary dance, Western dance, Music, Art and Craft, Yoga, Aerobics, Radio Jockey, Table Tennis, Performing and Fine Arts, Board games.

Outdoor activities – Splash pool, Fencing, Cricket, Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Horse riding, Judo, Karate, Taekwondo, Lawn Tennis, Skating, Archery, Shooting, Badminton.

Does the school have Smart Class teaching practice?

Yes, we offer various IT innovations in education.

What are the safety and security measures taken by the school for the students?

The school follows all safety and security measures as per the guidelines provided by the CBSE which include CCTV cameras, RFID devices and the required manpower.

Some features of security are:


  • Trained drivers and conductors fulfilling all requisite criteria.
  • Trained guards with mobile phones in each bus.
  • Teachers in all buses
  • Nannies with Junior children in buses.
  • GPS in all buses.
  • Mobile phones with each guard in the buses.


  • Trained female and male guard around the clock.
  • Regular check and supervision.

Security at gate

No child can leave the premises without a gate pass duly signed by the guardian as well as by the Principal. Within the School also, the student needs to carry an outpass when he/she is permitted to move out of a class by a teacher.

How can the parents keep in touch with the teachers to discuss their child's progress?

  • The school follows various means of communication with parents such as almanac, phone calls, Emails, ERP and one-to-one meetings.
  • The parents can meet the teachers by taking prior appointment.
  • The school provides a parent portal on the school website through which they can get information about the work done in class, home assignments and the latest circulars.

What safety measures are provided in the school bus?

The school takes utmost precautions with children when they board and de-board the school bus. The school bus has CCTV installed with GPS enabled and a proper tracking is done for each school bus. Along with driver and conductor, a trained nanny/lady guard is on duty in the school bus to ensure every child's safety. Apart from that, the conductor of each school bus is provided with a mobile phone to stay connected with the school in case of exigency.