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Teaching Methodology

With the class size of not more than 30 students, greater participation and interaction of students is allowed. The relevance of the students' academic and social growth is thus enhanced, enabling them to become great leaders for tomorrow.

Faculty at our school is recruited after a rigorous selection process which is followed by in house training, orientation, remuneration package, designed to attract the best talent and to provide the suitable career-enhancement, job enrichment and increased sense of achievement and belongingness.

The management encourages the faculty to upgrade their specialization and pursue any research work to develop their talents further.

The teaching methodology introduced at the GDGS has been designed after much research in best practices of both the national and international teaching programs. The methodology aims to hone the child’s inter-personal, analytical, public speaking skills along with immense confidence infusion. The nurturing of the child’s academic curiosity and development is at the core of our methodology.

The information mentioned outlines some of the methods to make classroom learning experiential, inquiry-based and student-centered. Teachers seek to work co-operatively and collaboratively with the children, respecting the unique abilities that each learner brings into the learning environment. Teachers use a student-centered style which instills confidence, initiative, and the development of critical and analytical skills. GD Goenka also looks to work in close partnership with all members of its parent community.

House System

The students of the school are divided into 4 Houses. The House is managed by Housemasters. The Housemasters select House Captains, Assistant House Captains and Sports Captains. It is compulsory for every student to be a member of a House. The main idea of the House System is to inculcate in our students the essential qualities of leadership, team work, co-operation, mutual understanding and self reliance. Various inter-house activities are held for this purpose throughout the year.

The various houses are as follows

Vivekanand House

Our duty is to encourage everyone in their struggle to live up to their own highest idea.

Tagore House

Let your life lightly dance on the edge of time like dew on the tip of a leaf.

Radhakrishnan House

A life of joy and success is possible only on the basis of knowledge and science.

Teresa House

Life is the most beautiful gift of God.